Change Utilities for your Pine Mountain Lake Home

This directory has all the information that you will need to get hooked up in the Groveland area and/or change utilities for your Pine Mountain Lake home.

Homeowners Association

Pine Mountain Lake Association  209-962-8600

If you buy in Pine Mountain Lake, you will need to obtain a Pine Mountain Lake Association homeowner photo ID card; this will serve as a gate pass and identification for PMLA benefits. You can also pay a little more for a remote control gate opener. A copy of your deed and transfer fee check from the title company must be shown before ID cards or gate openers are issued. Local title companies will automatically send these to Pine Mountain Lake Association.

Water and Sewer Utilities

Groveland Community Services District  209-962-7161

Septic Contractors

All Septic Service (209) 532-1437
Mother Lode Septic (209) 533-1950
El Dorado Septic (209) 536-1925

Electric Utilities

PG&E  800-743-5000
PG&E only provides electrical service in this area; those who need gas utilize one of the propane utility services listed below.

Propane Utilities

PG&E does not provide gas service for Groveland area and Pine Mountain Lake residents. So, if you have a gas water heater, gas home heater, gas stove, or other home system and/or appliance requiring gas, you will need to use a propane utility. If you buy a home that uses propane, chances are there is already a propane tank in the yard belonging to one of the local propane utilities. Since the prices are pretty competitive among them, most people will continue service with the existing utility.  The cost of propane left in a leased tank is usually credited to the Seller by the propane supplier.  The new owner must then buy it from the company in order to use it.  The most commonly used propane companies in Groveland / Pine Mountain Lake  are listed below. J.S. West and Suburban are the neighborhood favorites. Campora Propane 209-532-3579
JS West Propane 209-532-7475
Kamps Propane 800-806-4427
Mother Lode Propane 209-736-0070
Pro-flame 209-984-0800

Souza Propane 800-335-3897
Suburban Propane 209-962-7483

Garbage Collection

For part timers/renters, garbage bags can be picked up at the PML entry kiosk and they will instruct you on where they can be dropped off. Full timers can set up can pickup service with Moore Bros.:

Moore Bros. Scavenger Co.  209-962-7224


AT&T (landline)  800-310-2355
Golden State Cellular  (Verizon Cellular) 209-533-8844

Verizon Cellular Service is the only reliable cell service in Pine Mountain Lake / Groveland.  AT&T will tell you that they have service here, but it is extremely limited.  Don’t believe them!


Dish Network (Satellite)  209-588-1900
Directv (Satellite)  800-280-4388 (If ordering Directv, contact Tom Knoth for details on $100 off deal)
Sierra Nevada Communications (Cable)  209-962-6373

Internet Service

DSL (by AT&T) is the most cost effective service available, but their coverage is limited in Groveland and Pine Mountain Lake and there are areas where the service can be very slow.  Lately I am hearing that they will not take on new accounts because their system is overloaded.  AT&T does not yet offer “U-verse” in this area.  Sierra Nevada Communications offers broadband cable with different packages accommodating different levels of speed and data usage and is the most popular non satellite provider choice.  There are also several satellite internet providers which offer service in the area.  Conifer Communications is the most popular but not all homes receive their signal.

AT&T (Dialup and DSL)  800-310-2355
Sierra Nevada Communications (Broadband Cable)  209-962-6373
Conifer Communications (Broadband Satellite)  866-378-8393
Sonnet (Broadband Wireless and Dialup)   209-532-2750
Mother Lode Internet  209-536-5800
Hughesnet (Broadband Satellite, can also be ordered through Directv) 888-667-5537

Postal Service

For those in PML, you have the option of having your mail delivered to a mail box at one of several locations in the community; contact Groveland Post Office to make arrangements for a PML mailbox..  The other option is a P.O. Box which is available at the Groveland or Big Oak Flat Post Offices.  And in case you are wondering all major delivery services (UPS, FedEx, etc.) do deliver to your doorstep in PML, and the postal service is contracted to handle smaller UPS deliveries.

Groveland Post Office, 18737  Back St, Groveland, CA  209-962-7102
Big Oak Flat Post Office, 17850 Highway 120, Big Oak Flat, CA 209-962-6231


Tenaya Elementary  209-962-7846
Tioga High  School  209-962-4763


Yosemite Bank  209-962-7853
Rabobank  209-436-1800

If you have any other information that you think would be helpful on this “Change utilities for your Pine Mountain Lake Home” page, please let me know.