“Cold Smoking” Cheese on a Weber Kettle

Smoked food has become a passion for me, and I usually have one of my smokers in action at least two times a week.  We smoke (BBQ) spareribs, tri-tip roasts, turkey, chicken, homemade pastrami, pulled pork, brisket, and even pizza.  But one of our more common cooks is "cold smoked cheese".  The flavor is much better than the "smoked" cheeses that … [Read more...]

Salsa de Chile Colorado

I love Mexican food and here in Groveland, CA we are blessed with a great restaurant, Cocina Michoacana.  Like most authentic Mexican restaurants they feature a green sauce (or "salsa verde") and a red sauce ("salsa de chile colorado"), which are choices for many dishes such as enchiladas and chile rellenos.  Colorado, by the way, … [Read more...]

Turkey Tips for Roasting, Smoking, or Deep Frying Turkey

GENERAL TURKEY TIPS Frozen turkeys are just as good (if brined), and less expensive.  If you have a frozen turkey, defrosting in most refrigerators will take 5 hours per lb, so a 15 lb turkey will take 75 hours (about 3 days).  You will also need to brine the turkey the night before the cook (at latest).  It does not hurt for the turkey to sit … [Read more...]

Mulligatawny Soup

Indian food is one of our favorites and we love our Mulligatawny soup!  The first time I heard of it was in an episode of Seinfeld called "The Soup Nazi" in which the Soup Nazi's most cherished recipe was his Mulligatawny.  Some time after Paula and I met, I found that it was one of her favorite soups.  We found this recipe in one of our cookbooks … [Read more...]

Home Grown Sprouts

Sprouts! Sprouts are the most nutrition rich life stage of any vegetable or legume, and are a great addition to your diet.  We have sprouted alfalfa, clover, fenugreek, mung beans, lentils, sunflower, broccoli, quinoa, and arugula. And there are so many that we have not yet tried such as wheatgrass, barley, rye, cabbage, kale, adzuki, garbanzo, … [Read more...]

Low Carb “Meatza Pizza”

In this very tasty and much healthier version of pizza, the crust is made from ground meat.  Original “Meatza” low carb pizza recipes use ground beef and/or sausage.  We tried it with ground turkey, using our Italian turkey sausage recipe, and the results were outstanding!  The crust stays together and the pizza is delicious. LOW … [Read more...]


Every year, I make an annual October pilgrimage to the Eastern Sierra communities of Bridgeport and Mammoth Lakes.  The rewards are beautiful fall colors scenery and great fishing, and this year was no exception. In Mammoth Lakes, we usually lodge at “Alpenhof Lodge", and they have a fun downstairs pub by the name of "Clocktower … [Read more...]

Smoked Tri-Tip Roast, Reverse Seared

This is my favorite recipe for the smoker and I cook at least one Tri-Tip every other week. It is a fabulous tasting steak and pretty easy to prep and cook. The roasts are a good size for serving a family or a small dining group.  Personally, I often make it for myself and will enjoy it for a few days. Being a native Californian, I was raised … [Read more...]

Atomic Buffalo Turds

Yes, that's the name.  I am not sure who originated the recipe or coined the catchy name, but these are by far our most popular appetizer. The jalapenos are seeded and deveined, so dont fear the heat; they are usually not that spicy. But they do have a little kick, and combined with the cheese and sausage filling, the savory bacon wrap, the … [Read more...]

Hasselback Chicken

The Hasselback Potato or Potato à la Hasselbacken was created in 1953 by chef Leif Elisson of the restaurant Hasselbacken in Stockholm. The original recipe was a type of baked potato, where the potatoes are about halfway cut through into thin slices; butter, breadcrumbs, and almonds are added on top of the potatoes and between slices. Now we are … [Read more...]