Pine Mountain Lake Fishing

Pine Mountain Lake fishing offers great opportunities for several varieties of fish throughout the year.  Bluegill are abundant and easy to catch in the summer, and trout are stocked and particularly catchable late fall through early spring.  But the spring offers the best opportunities for my favorites – largemouth bass and crappie!

Today water temperatures were between 64 and 66 F; ideal for the bass to be spawning or in “pre-spawn” phase.  Some were on “beds” in 1 to 6 feet of water, others were cruising drop-offs near the flats.  I am a fly fisherman and these conditions provide me the best opportunities for sight-fishing to bass with a fly, and I had a fun time doing so today.

I caught and release 8 bass; one was a 3 pounder, and two were 4 pounders.  All took a fly that I personally tie, a white “seal fry”, which is a small baitfish imitation.  The one exception was a 4 lber that took a crayfish imitation, pictured below.  But, alas, this was not a big fish day.  I spotted several bass at the drop-offs that were in the 6-10 lb. range; these were cruising too deep for me to effectively target with a fly.


4 lb Largemouth Bass


I was working from a “kick-boat”, an oversized float tube with oars, and was often kick trolling between locations with the “seal fry” fly 40-60 feet behind me and 8-15 feet deep.  Incidental catches were three black crappie and one large bluegill.  The crappie in Pine Mountain Lake are very good sized, averaging 1 to 1-1/2 lbs., but I have taken some to 2 lbs.  The one pictured below is on the small end for Pine Mountain Lake fishing.


Black Crappie - Pine Mountain Lake Fishing


Although most of the bluegill in Pine Mountain Lake are small and tend to school, there are some very large ones averaging a lb. that roam on their own.  I was fortunate to take one of those today as well.


Pine Mountain Lake Bluegill


Here is a video of a couple of bass that were not interested in my flies as they were too busy courting on a bed.  They were so preoccupied that they let me get my camera (and kick-boat) within a couple of feet of them.





    Tom, you are amazing with the fish you land in your home waters.
    Have a great fishing year.
    Thanks Rich Lob

  2. Tom Knoth says

    Thanks Rich; I’d like to say that is just amazing fishing here at Pine Mountain Lake (gratuitous sales pitch).


  3. Nice Pictures Tom, thanks for releasing.
    I am another bass fisherman that frequents the lake when I can.
    Located in Big Creek.

    I will look for you next time I am out.
    Don’t see a lot of Fly fisherman on the waters. I’ve thought of trying it just for the fun of fishing differently.


  4. Fernando cabanillas says

    Hello my name is Fernando and I plan on taking vacation with my family to PML in June for Father’s Day. My fishing buddy is my 9 year old daughter who loves to catch blue gill. Never been to PML so any tips and advice on how to catch blue gills there would be great My e mail is Thanks

    • Tom Knoth says

      Fernando, they are very easy to catch. You just need to locate them and in June they will be relatively easy to find – in the shallows near docks, tulles, and brush. I flyfish for them with small wet and dry flies. But for a 9 yr old, you might just try red worms fished under a bobber.

  5. Daniel Fulmer says

    My wife found out today, 4/13/20, that the lake was closed. I guess for the C-19 virus? I don’t know why that would have anything to do with closing the lake? Any thoughts? Dan Fulmer Unit 1 lot 440. We were looking forward to coming up there soon and do some bass fishing. I guess that’s not going to happen any time soon.

    • Tom Knoth says

      Hi Dan,

      Yes, they closed the lake because of the Kung Flu. I guess they fear that people will be getting together rather than isolating if they are fishing or boating. Such a shame because water temp is approaching mid 60s and we just had the full moon. Bass should be bedding now.

  6. Richard S says

    Is the lake still closed? How’s the bite during Feb and March? Friend bought a wplace at the lake last year and offered it to me to use and I want to take my 10-year old daughter up for some fishing. She’s experienced in bass and inshore fishing so wondering how it is for bass now and maybe bluegill and crappie. Maybe trout too? We’ll likely fish from shore but if boat rental is an option might try that too. Thanks much! Great article.

    • Tom Knoth says

      It is open but no boat rentals until summer, Bite is OK for trout in Feb and March. Bass will spawn in April and bluegill are easier in the late spring/summer.